Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gay Gospel Doctrine Class: Choose Life

This is another in the Gay Gospel Doctrine Class series of posts that takes a lesson from the LDS Church’s (Adult) Gospel Doctrine class and presents it from a gay perspective.  Today’s lesson is based on Lesson #33 in the Gospel Doctrine Manual (“Ye Are the Temple of God”) and was prepared by Utahhiker801.

1 Corinthians 2:10-11 discusses how we can know the things of God.  The Gospel Doctrine class manual references the problems we can have when we rely on our own wisdom and intellect rather than on revelation through the Spirit.

I once heard of a seminary teacher who taught (bragged?) that he would pray for spiritual guidance before he would do anything, even whether or not to drink orange juice in the morning for breakfast. 

As I consider this, I believe that one of the greatest gifts which God has given us is our intellect, wisdom and logic, in order to solve our problems and face the world.  When these gifts are used in conjunction with the Spirit, I believe we can be lead in the directions we truly need to go.

If someone were to preach a “revelation” which could not pass both my intellect and logic as well as having a spiritual confirmation, I couldn’t accept that.  I know that there would be those in the church who might see such a view as lacking faith in God.  They could argue that my view is evidence of my apostate nature.  I will let them argue with themselves.

Despite the scripture which states, “His thoughts are not our thoughts neither are his ways our ways,” I believe that God does not ask us to abandon reason when he asks us to do things.

When someone who claims to speak on behalf of God condemns me because of my sexual orientation, I must examine it.  How does this rest with my own logic and reason?  Furthermore, have I received a confirmation of the Spirit for view?

In both instances, I must answer no.  For years I struggled with feelings of guilt; that I was inherently unworthy of any blessings because I was attracted to guys (even when I hadn’t even done anything).  I never even thought to ask God if it was okay that I was gay.

A year or so ago, I saw a video on line where a gay Mormon bore his testimony to others who were struggling with being gay that Heavenly Father absolutely loves us even for being gay.  He addressed those of us who may be dealing with thoughts of suicide or leaving the Church to live. (While I’ve never been suicidal, I can identify with this because there have been times I wanted to die).  He bore his testimony that our Father in Heaven wants us to choose life.  When I heard this, I started to sob.  It resonated with my intellect as well as my spirit.  It was an incredibly spiritually significant moment for me.

And to his testimony, I add mine.  Our Father in Heaven wants us to choose life, to live a deeply fulfilling life with everything he wants us to experience, to choose happiness and joy in loving ourselves and those around us.

Here’s the video.  Thank you Clark Johnsen (whom some may recognize for his current role in the Book of Mormon Musical) for making this video.  It was a blessing to see it.

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  1. Thanks Joe. Another inspiring thought! I appreciate you and your efforts!