Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Proverbial View of Coming Out

It's a few weeks away, but as I announced on my Facebook page, I've been invited to speak at the First United Methodist Church in Salt Lake on Sunday, August 7th at 5:30.  It's a special service they have every few weeks, and I'm honored that they've asked me to share some thoughts about my favorite scripture.  

This was a bit of a challenge at first, due to the mind- and soul-bending events of the past eight months.  I used to have a favorite scripture when I was TBM, but I didn't initially think that I could speak about that, given where I'm at now.  

As I thought about it, however, some thoughts coalesced and I gained some significant (for me) insights into where I'm at spiritually.  These insights helped me to view my coming out, in the context of my "testimony" and my sprituality, in a different, more integrated (and more positive) light.

So, if you're in Salt Lake on August 7th, I'd love to see you at FUMC.

And, um, yes, this sort a kind a means I'm coming out even more. :-)

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