Monday, October 10, 2011

A Home for Yourself

“Every human being is born
as a flower in the garden of humanity. 
And flowers differ from each other. 
If you can’t accept your body and your mind,
you can’t be a home for yourself …
When you practice being a home in yourself,
you become more and more beautiful. 
You radiate your inner warmth and joy.”

“Our true home is inside. 
When we look deeply and honestly
at our own suffering, energies, and views,
we find a peace that comes
from being comfortable in our own bodies.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh


  1. Wherever do you find these helpful pearls of wisdom? But i do thank you for sharing. It's just what I needed to hear & be reminded of today. Hope your day is filled with love and light. Be well. Big hug & many thanks.

  2. I must be in a real poetry mood, for your posts are bringing me back to old, forgotten favorites:

    "...But if/ sins can be forgiven, if bodies rise from the dead, these modifications of matter into/ innocent athletes and gesticulating fountains,/ made solely for pleasure, make a further point:/
    the blessed will not care what angle the are regarded from,/ having nothing to hide..."

    --WH Auden, In Praise of Limestone