Sunday, November 20, 2011

Simply Sunday

“The task of any religion is not to teach us
who we are entitled to hate,
but who we’re required to love.”
~ BYU USGA Letter
(written in response to anti-gay letters in the Daily Universe)

“Be curious,
not judgmental.”

~ Walt Whitman

"The only reason people hate gay people
is because their leaders tell them to."
~ Rep. Barney Frank, (D-MA)

"No one has the authority
to tell us whom we cannot love."
~ Jimmy Creech

"No one has the authority
to tell us how God feels about us."
~ Carol Lynn Pearson

“Conscience is the most sacred
of all property

~ James Madison


  1. WHat a wonderful collage. What a superb quote. GO USGA!

  2. The quote is originally from a review of Carol Lynn Pearson's book _Goodbye I love You_ from a rabbi whose name I forget.