Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas, Closet Royalists

Another Christmas tradition that I have acquired over the years is watching the Queen’s Christmas message.  I have a connection to the Commonwealth, and though American, later came to have great respect for Queen Elizabeth and the role she plays not only in the Commonwealth, but in the world generally.  For almost 60 years, she has stood steadfastly as a symbol of tolerance, dignity and shared humanity in a world that has experienced dramatic cultural and technological change as well as much trauma and suffering.

Every year on Christmas Day, a short message from the Queen is broadcast throughout the Commonwealth.  It is an occasion for people to reflect on the events of the past year, on the blessings of family and on the hope of a better future – and on the role each of us can play in creating that future.  Like the broadcast from King’s College that I blogged about yesterday, it is also an opportunity for people the world over to contemplate their shared citizenship on this globe, as well as their common humanity during the Christmas season.

Below is a video of last year’s Christmas message.  This year’s will be available on the Internet tomorrow from a variety of sources.

Happy Christmas! (as the Brits would say)


  1. Thanks for the insight into the Queen. It's funny because I've always seen her as so cold, indifferent and so stuffy. I guess that is what comes with the package!:) But I will listen to her new message and pay attention to her ideas. On another interesting note, as I looked at the first image you have of her on this post, I saw my mother! An incredible resemblance (which might explain why I've always perceived her as distant and cold:) ... another story entirely for another day:)

    Happy Christmas, yes... yes indeed! (with the tight brit jaw... do you hear it?)

  2. Yes, she is commonly perceived that way, and not without some justification. Her family definitely has issues, but which family doesn't? :)

    As a public figure, however, she has been there for almost 60 years, devoted to her role as sovereign and head of state and head of the Commonwealth. And even to us Yanks, whose head of state is a very political and always polarizing figure, the Queen stands above the fray as an symbol of enduring values. (Do you hear God Save the Queen playing in the background?)

  3. Ahh, another thing we have in common:

  4. Cool! Like you, Quiet Song, I loved the movie "The Queen." Very accurate portrayal of those sad days in the wake of Princess Diana's death.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Most interesting!

    "God bless us, everyone!"